Global Flavors & French Mastery at Decapolis Hotel Panamá

Dining Adventures for Discerning Palates at Decapolis

Join us at our table at Decapolis Hotel Panamá, where the dining experiences match the best restaurants in Panamá City. Begin your day with the delightful buffet breakfast at Fusion, an international buffet restaurant offering a diverse array of expertly crafted global flavors. At Decapolis Hotel Panamá, each of our places to eat promises delicious adventures for discerning palates. 

For an exquisite taste of French culinary mastery, savor the magic of textures and aromas at Petit Bistro - Bon Appétit! where each dish is a masterpiece paired with a carefully curated selection of French wines. Martini Sushi - Japanese Tradition invites you into a modern and sophisticated setting, where creativity meets the rich tradition of Japanese sushi, complemented by handcrafted cocktails. Cap off your evenings at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe Panamá, an eclectic and vibrant venue where signature flavors and authentic music memorabilia create an unforgettable dining experience.

Petit Bistro - Bon Appétit!

Experience the magic of French cuisine at Petit Bistro, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavors, textures, and aromas capturing the essence of authentic French culture.

Martini Sushi - Japanese Tradition

Immerse yourself in a modern and sophisticated setting at Martini Sushi, where the creativity of our chefs merges with the rich Japanese tradition of exquisite sushi.

Buffet Breakfast Included in Hotel Rate

Embark on a culinary journey at our international restaurant Fusion, where each morning is greeted with a delightful complimentary buffet breakfast.